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Bobby Syed is a passionate and entertaining speaker, engaging widely on issues concerning diversity and multiculturalism together with the complexities that surround diverse cultural identities. The EMMA Talk show, hosted by Bobby Syed has promoted the richness of our multicultural global village. Bobby’s guests on the EMMA Talk show have included Lord Ousley, Lord Dholakia, Ben Arogundade, Paul Mckenzie, Bill Gavin, Felix Dexter, Nina Wadia and Tony Benn.

The EMMA philosophy is crystallised thorough Bobby’s moral determination to advance the cause of racial equality thorough EMMA and its various initiatives.

Ad CampaignsEMMA, with the support of its sponsors has made a tremendous impact in the UK and touched the hearts of people worldwide. It is increasingly recognised as the institution supporting and rewarding multicultural talent. EMMA aims to continue building on its international acclaim and move to even higher success; not only recognising talent, but also becoming the force that promotes multiculturalism and the benefits this brings to the rest of the world. Recent events transmitted into our homes everyday are evidence that, without better understanding and tolerance, the world could be dragged into more turmoil.

EMMA TV has only one mission - to be the gateway that brings about a better understanding of the values of diversity working within our global village. The more we know about other cultures, the closer we come to valuing them. Ignorance, surely, has no place in modern society.
Ad CampaignsEMMA TV provides a focal point for multiculturalism. It exists to help us learn more about each other's way of life, music, fashion, culture, tradition and much, much more. EMMA TV is a multidimensional bridge between and among cultures.

Let’s make EMMA TV a success. Let's enjoy life and celebrate the richness of diversity!

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