The direct involvement of the Americans in 1942 does not hide away the fact, that the first major defeat Hitler suffered from the British forces was made-up largely from soldiers from the British Common Wealth countries. The freedom enjoyed by younger generation in Britain is largely due to the sacrifices made from this multicultural force, for men and women who fought for equality, freedom of speech and the right to be judged on merit and not on racial origin.  

The growth of Britain's multicultural community has been built upon the above values, which has allowed communities with vast cultural, religious, ethnic and racial differences to live together in harmony.

The success of this achievement can be felt within the vast cultural dimensions based in London and other urban cities in Britain. The harmony enjoyed on the surface has helped Britain to marvel at its multicultural community, perhaps unlike the United States, Britain has a distinct integrated outlook for the younger ethnic multicultural generations.

The Stephen Lawrence inquiry unmasked the racial divide that still exists within certain pockets in our British society. Stephen Lawrence's death announced the fear that every non-white person faces - prosecution against the colour of one's skin.

EMMA to a large extent is a personal journal of discovery amidst a society based upon racial harmony and opportunity for all, regardless of race, creed or colour. My father had migrated to London in the early 60's from Pakistan to work and support his family, once invited to do so by the then British government and worked extremely hard without holidays to support a large family and develop his entrepreneurial ideas. The stories regarding this period of migration has touched every Commonwealth citizen, who looked forward to a better way of life, in the same fashion as the Irish who migrated to America, in search of prosperity and freedom centred around the principals of universal suffrage and democracy.

EMMA aims to celebrate diversity by promoting professional excellence within the British community. The qualities that each ethnic minority contributes to the professional and commercial success of British society, only helps to re-enforce the unique qualities that the rest of the world admire about our unique multicultural make-up, which has become the envy of the world.

British born generations tend to celebrate the multicultural qualities of British society through fashion, cuisine, art, music and culture. My conclusion with regards to organising such a major racial harmony award ceremony, leads me to believe that every person is ever a part of the solution or part of the problem, in developing and maintaining racial harmony in our unique community based in London and beyond. I feel that tokenism has run its course with every generation faced with a global community with global issues surrounded around a growing global economy.

Bobby Syed

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