power of the English language as an international language globally, has a geographical location that gives it the ability to communicate across the world from Western America to South East Asia within a working day.  

This has been displayed clearly through The London Stock Exchange and via the legacy of the Commonwealth. Today, many institutions, from education to the legal system, have stood the test of time. The greatest success of this nation can be measured by trade, as have many civilizations before it with an empire to match. This partnership approach towards industrial growth and political patronage did ultimately help to destroy Germany's own imperial ambitions toward fascism during the bloodiest century ever known.

Each minority group that lives amongst a majority group has ultimately displayed their own true multicultural commitment to that society. There have also been individuals and organisations that have displayed a sincere commitment to understanding the minority perspective regardless of the hostility they often face.

The EMMA's has developed into a 21st century brand which looks towards a new exciting century that supports multicultural understanding, formulating ambitions of many from within a cosmopolitan culture without compromising one's own real diverse ethnic cultural values. The NatWest EMMA Awards will continue to support the unique positive nature of our own diverse multicultural society; along with other EMMA initiatives complimenting the original aims and objectives through an annual multicultural festival in May each year.

We have managed to distribute 100,000 application forms for the new EMMA festival and have attracted a high calibre of participants. In our first year we selected 100 events to showcase our multicultural celebrations highlighting Britain's ethnically diverse commitment from the various communities organising events around Britain. These events successfully reflect our new cosmopolitan society.

EMMA has also recently set-up a trust to help the younger generation to find placements and further their educational understanding of a career in the media industry. With our pro-active support for the EMMA Festival initiative we intend to enhance and help improve diverse cultural understanding within Britain.

The EMMA initiative has also led to EMMA TV, a magazine programme on SKY digital channel 238 broadcast between 9pm and 3am launched on May 5. The initial aim would be to serve the UK urban youth market, through music, films, discussion programmes and entertainment that highlights cosmopolitan lifestyle based on the growing cultural fusion amongst the growing graduate community world wide. This will be followed by the EMMA Music label that understands that growing urban and world music mix that reflects the growing demand for credible artistic expression in society today.

Bobby Syed

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