“EMMA has always involved people from all races and religions, directly and indirectly for their multicultural “characters” whether they are Jewish, Hindu, Sikh, Christian or Muslim etc. People from all racial groups have participated and contributed to the multicultural cause named EMMA (…) The EMMA Winners, in the history of the awards, not only symbolise our collective support for their achievement in terms of racial harmony, but professional...

 Fifty Leading
British Ghanian
   Septimus Severus   Rigoberta Menchu  
1. Dame Betty Asafu-Adjaye, Social entrepreneur and founder of Mission Dine Club
2. Amma Asante,...read more
Septimus Severus was born at Leptus Magna in AD 146. He belonged to a class of Romanised Africans and recei...read more
  Rigoberta Menchú was born on January 9, 1959 to a poor Indian peasant family and raised in the Quiche branch of...read more  
 Yasmin Alibhai
   Jonathan Dimbleby    George Alagia
Yasmin Yasmin Alibhai-Brown is one of the most well known female journalists in Britain. The African-born writer...read more  
Since joining Radio Bristol as a reporter in 1969, Jonathan Dimbleby has become one of Britain's leading...read more
BBC newsreader George Alagiah was born on 22 November 1955 in Sri Lanka, but moved with his family to Ghana...read more
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" EMMA is a great initiative to bring together and acknowledge publicly the professionalism, expertise and contribution of the recipients...and will continue to make a great contribution to the ethnic and mainstream media in Britain. "
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