Stay at Home Gamers Won't TravelReports suggest video gamers could scrap foreign holidays in order to play games at home. commissioned The Future of Free Time report. Findings from the report state that the travel industry needs to reach out to the technology obsessed generation.

Future Foundation think tank, state that trends in Japan could soon emerge in the U.K.

Author of Tomorrow’s Tourist, Ian Yeoman told Press Association: "What they've seen in the last ten years - because they've had deflation and also the Japanese consumer has gone inward - is that they're spending more now on in-home entertainment and technology rather than travelling the world. That's an indicator of what could happen."

Recently the recession has led to consumers staying indoors however the rise of technology has been a growing trend since the millennium.

The report continues to say home activities such as internet usage and video game are increasing with in-home leisure taking priority over outdoor activities.

One suggestion made by the report is to introduce technology to holiday destinations. One idea included a mobile video device in museums instead of an audio tour.

Vice-president of Patrick Hoffstetter told Press Association: "Since launching in 1998 has been at the forefront of travel innovation.

"We all have a natural inclination to travel and explore, but the industry must remain innovative and embrace technology to remain exciting for a younger generation."

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