New Social Invention for a Diverse WorkplaceSocial commentator, writer and entrepreneur, has launched a new web portal - to help Britain find new ways out of the recession, through untapping the huge strength and creativity of its ethnic professionals. The portal calls on employers to utilise this resource, and on professionals to bring their cultural and ethical values to the workplace and not hide them. Collectively, ethnic professionals generate billions of pounds of economic value, but lack the national media channels, political influence or the civic recognition they deserve. Britain still has a strong legacy of ‘empire’, and this pride is inhibiting its progress, argues Dr. Atul Shah.    
images/Press_Release/novel%20pr.jpgThis month's Lucid Magazine update is a bumper issue featuring a Turkish Nobel Prize winning author, a review of an acclaimed Israeli architect's retrospective, a British Indian environmentalist op-ed on the green movement, and cultural critiques of blockbuster Avatar and have-a-go heroes... now online at     
Kids Smuggled for Benefit FraudChildren as young as three months are being smuggled into the UK to defraud the benefit system of millions of pounds. This was revealed by a Sunday Times investigation which found that foreign criminals were importing these kids into the country for the purpose........
“Turbanology” on Birmingham's Agreed Syllabus for Religious EducationThe groundbreaking independent documentary “Turbanology: After 7/7” has been accepted onto Birmingham City Council’s “Agreed Syllabus” website for Religious Education.
ABC Chief Blasts Murdoch on BBCThe head of Australia’s public broadcaster has publicly defended the BBC against James Murdoch’s verbal attack in August.....
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