AndorraAndorra is a small land locked country in Western Europe located east of the Pyrenees Mountains and bordering Spain and France. The 82,000 population (UN 2008) is a mix of Catalans, Spaniards, Portuguese, French, Britons and Italians. Most people are Roman Catholics and share the national language of Catalan. In addition to the main language of Catalan, most people also speak Spanish and French. According to the US Census Bureau, Andorra has the world's second longest life expectancy at 83.5 years for women.

Andorra is a prosperous country due to tourism, special relationship with EU and its status as a tax haven.  Tourism which contributes 80% of the GDP is encouraged with the country’s duty free status and its winter and summer resorts. However competition has risen from neighboring France and Spain as holiday and resort destinations. Although not a member of the EU, Andorra enjoys special relations with the union as it faces no tariffs whilst trading in the European Union market place. 

The country’s tax haven status, which has attracted so many tourists, is coming under threat in this tough economic crisis.  Andorra’s secretive tax laws have become unacceptable to the French president Nicholas Sarkozy, who in March 2009 demanded them to be changed or else he would denounce his title of co-prince of Andorra. In response to the pressure, Andorra said it would lift its banking secrecy when required and aims to introduce new laws by November.

The traditional dish in the country is Escudella which is a stew usually of pasta or rice with meat and vegetables. Andorra is the only country to never make it past the semi finals in the Euroviosn song contest with its best result being a 12th position in 2007 semifinals.

• Capital: Andorra la Vella
• Prime Minister : Albert Pintat
• Currency:  Euro

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