Salzburg, Austria

At the center of Europe, Austria is a country endowed with beautiful mountainous scenery. A landlocked country, Austria is surrounded by Germany, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Slovakia, and Hungary. The population is 74% Catholic, 5% Protestant, 4% Muslim and 12% atheist. The different population groups are 91.1% Austrians, 4% former Yugoslavs (includes Croatians, Slovenes, Serbs, and Bosniaks) 1.6% Turks, 0.9 and 2.4% unspecified. The main language is German.


Although located central in Europe, Austria is no longer at the heart of European politics as it once was in the by gone era of empires. This is in part  due to its lack of economic statue and the State treaty signed in 1955, declaring the country as  "permanently neutral" in the aftermath of regained independence from Germany.   

   The economic outlook for the country is not very bright as the Austrian banks have amassed huge loans owed to Eastern Europe, which come up to 70% of GDP. The Austrian economy like many others has plummeted in the tough economic climate and there is a real possibility the government may face a bail out.    

Austria has a rich musical heritage with big tourist attractions such as the Schonbrum Palace (Vienna) Salzburg where the world famous Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart did some of his composing. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart the world famous classical music composer was born in Austria. Salzburg is also the setting of the classic film, ‘The Sound of Music’.

 ·        Capital:  Vienna·        Head of state; Prime Minister: Heinz Fischer Chancellor: Werner Faymann·        Currency: Euro



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