Belgium is a small country in Europe with its capital Brussels housing the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (Nato). The local population is made up of 40% Walloons and 60% Flanders. The country is 75% catholic and the rest a mixture of religions including Protestantism.  There are three main languages; French, German and Flemish. 


Although a small country, Belgium has played and continues to play a major role in the history of Europe. It was once the battle field for battles and now is the home of the EU parliament. Belgium borders France, Germany, Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Occupied by Germany during the first and second World Wars, Belgium has gone on to experience an economic boom in the last 50 years and become a model Western European liberal democracy. 

However, there has also been a growing divide between the mainly Dutch-speaking north and the mainly French-speaking south, with speculation rife that the country could break up. 

There are divisions which threaten to tear the federal structure which holds the different regions and culture, apart. The cultural and regional divisions are divided so; “Flanders in the north where the official language is Dutch; Wallonia in the south where French is the official tongue and Brussels, the capital, where French and Dutch share official language status. Wallonia has a 70,000-strong German-speaking minority.” (BBC)


Although opinion polls show that most Belgians want to maintain the unity in a single country, the right-wing Flemish nationalist party, Vlaams Belang, is pushing hard for an independent Flemish region.

 Belgium is world renowned for its chocolates and beer, producing over 450 varieties of beer.


·        Capital: Brussels

·        Prime Minister: Herman Van Rompuy

·        Currency: Euro

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